Make Me Up

One of my favorite Makeup lines is Benefit, this company takes makeup to a new level.  The packaging is fun, the names of the products are witty, and they actually (are you ready for this?) work. Yes, they do exactly what they say they will. I’ve used many Benefit products and will continue to do so. On June 27th. they will be unveiling another product to compliment their already awesome “they’re real” mascara.

This mascara launched two years ago and has become the number one mascara in the world along with their number one primer “POREfessional”. The  new product in “they’re real” franchise is a “They’re real” push-up liner. This product took 5 years to perfect, and will be the first to offer a gel liner format in a pen like dispenser.  A rubber AccuFlex  tip will enable users to draw a line very close to their lashes. Once you plant the liner on your eye it will hold its position, so even if you have shaky hands, like myself you will still be able to draw a straight line. I give all Benefit of the products an A+ , however I will highlight a few of my  favorites.


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